Boaty McBoatface is on OpenSea.

Marketplace partners

The primary sale of McBoatfaces McNFTs is taking place on OpenSea. Click here.

The information below is currently subject to change, so please check back regularly.


We're using Polygon blockchain technology, as recommended by OpenSea. Polygon sits on top of the Ethereum blockchain to provide faster and cheaper transactions.

As well as being faster and cheaper, Polygon is much, much greener than Ethereum Mainnet.

You will need to prepare in advance - it's not too difficult. For information on how to make purchase on Polygon, visit this OpenSea page.


We take a different approach. There is no airdrop or giveaway, as we believe those devalue our proposition, and of course that's bad news for anyone making a purchase.

The primary sale will start with an early-bird on-ramp.

In total, just 560 McBoatfaces will be dropped. The sale is intended for experienced crypto collectors. If you are at all unsure, you should either not take part, or seek independent specialist advice.

Gas Fees

Important: Please be aware that even if you lose or cancel your bid for a NFT/NFTs, you will still have to cover any associated gas fees. Neither McBoatfaces nor OpenSea control or receive any portion of these costs.

Date and time

Following technical problems on OpenSea on the launch day, we're working on a re-launch.