A different approach...

McBoatfaces Artwork

All artwork has been designed and created by veteran digital artist DHW personally - it is not generative.

The 1280x1024 png images are 2D illustrations, not 3D modelled. While there are similarities between McBoatfaces collectibles, none are identical - all 600 are unique [1/1].

There are many unofficial projects in the crypto art space. These should be treated with caution, as they may infringe a third party's IP. We've seen large sums invested in what appear to be rip-offs. Would you be happy paying top $$$ for a fake watch?

Our design/artwork is original, and the use of the 'Boaty McBoatface' name is official - it's not a knock-off. This matters, because over time, big corporates will seek redress for infringement of their IP. So that 'fake' Super Mario NFT is likely to attract unwanted attention at some point.


McBoatfaces collectibles are not generative artworks compiled by computer software.

Most generative art projects tend to be based on 10,000 collectibles, in line with the standard set by CryptoPunks in 2017. As McBoatfaces collectibles total 600, by default this makes each and every one as rare as the top 6% of CryptoPunks or any other collection of 10,000. While there are rarer collectibles within the 600 McBoatfaces, ownership fractionalisation is intended to be a value mechanism.

McBoatfaces McNFTs do not list all rare traits; those await discovery by the collector community.

Ownership fractionalisation & primary value mechanism*

All 600 McNFT collectibles have a percentage ownership of James Hand's Boaty McBoatface phenomenon, with the base percentage starting at 0.001%, all the way up to 10% for collectible #001.

#561-#600 white ring [bonus unlockables]: 0.001% fractionalisation

#301-#560 no ring: 0.001% fractionalisation

#001-#300 colour ring: 0.1%-10% fractionalisation

*'Primary value mechanism' refers to our underlying value modelling fractionalised across the collection, excluding traits. It is not an expression of liquidity.

Pricing and primary sale overview

There is no McBoatfaces NFT airdrop or giveaway, as we believe those may devalue our sale items, and of course that's bad news for anyone making a purchase.

All 560 collectibles available for sale will be sold starting with an early-bird on-ramp. Sale durations are subject to change, and time frames for individual collectible sales may reduce or increase.

In total, just 560 McBoatfaces will be dropped.

As primary sale prices will increase in line with the increase of the primary value mechanism [see above], this may/may not have a positive effect on the floor price.

The blockchain technology on OpenSea means that all sales are final and irreversible.

Secondary market

A royalty of 10% applies to secondary sales.

See also "Unlockables & secondary value mechanism" for further information on the secondary market.


McBoatfaces have chosen Polygon technology, as recommended by OpenSea. Polygon sits on top of the Ethereum blockchain to provide faster and cheaper transactions. All 600 McBoatfaces are decentralised, with 'frozen' metadata.

As well as being faster and cheaper, Polygon is much, much greener than Ethereum Mainnet, and should already be compatible with your existing ETH wallet.

For information on how to make purchase on Polygon, visit this OpenSea page.

Unlockables & secondary value mechanism

While ownership fractionalisation is the key value mechanism, a secondary value mechanism has been designed with the intent of providing the opportunity for every McBoatface McNFT to be of value to other collectors.

While bonus unlockables remain available [unlocked], even McBoatfaces that make up the future floor price have the potential to be the missing piece of the puzzle, that enables another collector to access a bonus unlockable. See here for more info.

Although this mechanism has been designed in part to aid secondary trading and deliver value, there is no guarantee that value will be added to any collective or individual piece/s.

A three-year deadline, starting from the re-launch date, applies to bonus unlockables, so the clock will be ticking down from day one.

Bonus unlockables are only available on a first come first served bases to eligible claimants. In the event of a dispute, a review will be conducted by McBoatfaces and the outcome decision will be final.